About this service

Simply put Funerals are the reason I decided to become a celebrant.

For me, there is no bigger privilege than being asked to conduct someone’s end-of-life tribute. I pride myself in getting to know my families and love to hear all about their loved one’s stories, achievements, their loves, their loses and even their dreams.

However, starting my professional career out as social worker over twenty years ago I also know that not everyone lives their lives the way we would want or hoped, (and because we don’t live in the movies!) sometimes death can leave people feeling confused, angry and all together a bit lost. Thus, leaving fractured relationships.

…however, with all that in mind, I do wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves a final send off regardless of how that might look of feel.

Life should be celebrated no matter how short or even disruptive. I am personally always happy to work through the happiest or the saddest of moments that life offers to ensure a fitting final goodbye is created with compassion and dignity.

When it comes to death people are keen to know my beliefs on God, the afterlife or even my thoughts on the universe and all I can say is this, even at nearly 42, I am still not sure.

Whilst I do not personally believe in a god, I am hopeful that there is some sort of afterlife…. where we see our loved ones again….and where they serve a nice gin or sauvignon Blanc!

Saying all that, no matter your beliefs or thoughts I think everyone should be able to have what they want at their funeral, so if that is a religious reading or hymn, I am more than happy to oblige. FYI I am tone deaf so singing a Hymn would definitely be one step too far!

However, if you or your loved one’s final wish was for their celebrant to rock out to Elvis, showcase my best Stayin Alive moves or even moonwalk like Michael Jackson…I will give it my best go! All joking aside…

I fully appreciate that this is a very personal thing and transparently would say my approach will not be for everyone. However, if you are still unsure, I think this video might help:

When we lost my brother to suicide the family were devastated and very anxious when trying to arrange a celebrant. Our local funeral director recommended TJ and instantly she was the breath of fresh air that our family needed at that time. Her background, expertise and pitch on Mental Health was perfect and whilst our family were living every emotion, she kept us together and delivered the most on point and worthy service for Stuart. We will always be grateful for what you have done for us as a family, and we would highly recommend TJ

Keith Donaldson


Costs start at £295 and will vary depending on the type of service. Please contact for me directly for further details.