End of Life

About this service

This is a really hard subject for most people to talk about never mind get their heads around. Most important thing to note here is we offer practical support not physical support. This might include:

  • Family Emotional Support
  • Help with Family dynamics or relationship breakdowns
  • Support to facilitate your loved ones wants or wishes for their end-of-life care
  • Someone to be there to offer advise on stages of death/what is coming next
  • Someone to liaise with health practitioners
  • Discussing their wishes for their funeral/tribute of life
  • Who needs to do what, where and when?
  • Walk the dog
  • Pop out to the shop
  • Be a sounding board
  • Just be there

The list is endless and in my experience, no family needs or wants the same thing. Together we can work out what might help get you all through this difficult time. This short video clip might answer any questions or queries you might have.

Please note: Costs for this service will vary depending on your needs and requirements.

Thank you for being by my side when Jim passed. Somehow it made one of the toughest journeys in my life a little more bearable. I honestly do believe it gave Jim comfort knowing I was not alone in that time and hearing us laugh and talk of our lives together in those final days would have given him much solace

Mrs Lillan Oswald