Fulcrum FAQs

Do I have to join Fulcrum to be married by one of their celebrants

No, we don’t have a membership we only ask that any couples that are thinking of choosing us support our values, and that they sit well with how you conduct your day-to-day life.

How safe is my personal information when I give it to you?

In short, very. We adhere to the Data Protection Act 2018.  Information kept by your Celebrant will be Name, Address, Email and Contact Telephone Number. No further personal information will be requested.

Data will never be shared with third parties or any individuals, the only time this would arise would be in the unlikely event your Celebrant had to be replaced due to ill health or events out with their control. The above information would be passed to the replacement Celebrant, after you have given your approval. All documents and data pertaining to your wedding will be deleted after your ceremony date 6 months.

Are the wedding conducted by Fulcrum Celebrants legal?

Yes, each of our Celebrants is a Marriage Officer for Scotland through the National Records of Scotland (NRS).  In order to be marriage in Scotland you must by law lodge your NRS M10 form (Marriage Notice Form) and associated documents, and pay the statutory fee, to the registrar closest to your venue.

When do I submit my M10 form to the local registrar?

Timing is very important, you must submit the notices early enough to enable the registrar to be satisfied you are free to marry.  This is normally about TEN to TWELVE weeks beforehand but no later than 29 days before your ceremony.  It is advised to visit your registrars website for the most up to date information.